• Advertising Design
    The Advertising Design For This Project Was Completed By Eggplant Studios.
  • Art Direction
    Eggplant Was Responsible For Creating The Overall Style, Tone And Aesthetic Of The Publication; As Well As Templates, Style Guides, Photo Selections, Etc.
  • Layout
    Eggplant Prepared Each Page, Laying Out Text, Images, Ads And Illustrations.
  • Photo Correction
    This Project Required Advanced Photo Correction, Or Photo Manipulation.
  • Pre-Press & Production
    This Project Required Some Pre-press And Production Finesse In Order To Prepare The Publication For Accurate Reproduction.

Valemount Visitor Guides

Completed: October 16, 2013

The 2010 Valemount Summer Guide, commissioned by the Valley Sentinel Newspaper, is the sister publication of the Winter Guide. The share some common design elements which tie the family together, but both stand easily on their own. The use of good design practices made the ‘sisterhood’ quite easy to accomplish. They both feature a full-colour gloss stock, stunning photography, and locally sourced knowledge and resources.

The Valemount Winger Guide serves the winter recreationalists looking for snowmobiling trails in the Valemount area, while the Summer Guide is more general and caters to the summer tourist.

It was received with great applause to the community, and it has served well for 2010.

Eggplant was responsible for the art direction, ad and layout design, as well as preparing style guides and templates for future use.

*The newer editions of the 2010 Valemount Summer Guide are being designed in-house, by the Valley Sentinel Newspaper. They’re continuing to use the templates.

Valemount Summer Guide

Valemount Visitor Guides - Valemount Summer Guide

Valemount Winter Guide

Valemount Visitor Guides - Valemount Winter Guide