• Ad Management
    Eggplant Studios Worked With The Advertisers To Consult, Create And Proof Their Ads. Under The Direction Of The Client, We Managed Their Advertiser Lists, Statuses, And Location Within The Publication.
  • Advertising Design
    The Advertising Design For This Project Was Completed By Eggplant Studios.
  • Art Direction
    Eggplant Was Responsible For Creating The Overall Style, Tone And Aesthetic Of The Publication; As Well As Templates, Style Guides, Photo Selections, Etc.
  • Layout
    Eggplant Prepared Each Page, Laying Out Text, Images, Ads And Illustrations.
  • Photo Correction
    This Project Required Advanced Photo Correction, Or Photo Manipulation.
  • Pre-Press & Production
    This Project Required Some Pre-press And Production Finesse In Order To Prepare The Publication For Accurate Reproduction.

Columbia Valley Weddings Magazine

Completed: October 14, 2013

The Columbia Valley Weddings Magazine is an amazing resource of valley businesses who can help you create your dream wedding affordably – with a genuine rocky-mountain touch. Featuring a handful of wedding ‘trip reports’ based on a wedding concept, such as seasonal weddings, the magazine is full of helpful information and unique ideas.

Eggplant Studios has helped produce the Columbia Valley Weddings magazine for 2010, 2011 and 2012. For two of the three editions, Eggplant has been responsible for a complete redesign of the magazine – everything from styleguides to branding.

My responsibilities for each edition were art direction, advertising design, ad management and layout/production. We began by preparing advertising Rate Cards and E-mail newsletter graphics for the initial sales push, then moved on to advertising design and management, to finally the layout and production of the magazine.

Eggplant Studios worked closely with the Editor of Special Publications for layout and photo selection. Our close partnership, excellent communication and strong working relationship is evident in the final product.

Shawn’s Eggplant Studios graphic design skills and attention to detail has made our production process as seamless as it can be. The quality and relevance of his work demonstrates a solid understanding of the online market and trends. He pro-actively manages his time effectively.
From the initial conceptual meeting to the final upload of files to press, Shawn can be trusted to efficiently manoeuvre through each step to ensure nothing gets forgotten and each piece receives the attention the project demands for a successful outcome and a happy client.

the Columbia Valley Pioneer - Rose-Marie Regitnig • Invermere, BC

Columbia Valley Weddings Magazine 2012

Columbia Valley Weddings Magazine - Columbia Valley Weddings Magazine 2012

Columbia Valley Weddings Magazine 2011

Columbia Valley Weddings Magazine - Columbia Valley Weddings Magazine 2011

Columbia Valley Weddings Magazine 2010

Columbia Valley Weddings Magazine - Columbia Valley Weddings Magazine 2010