• Ad Management
    Eggplant Studios Worked With The Advertisers To Consult, Create And Proof Their Ads. Under The Direction Of The Client, We Managed Their Advertiser Lists, Statuses, And Location Within The Publication.
  • Advertising Design
    The Advertising Design For This Project Was Completed By Eggplant Studios.
  • Art Direction
    Eggplant Was Responsible For Creating The Overall Style, Tone And Aesthetic Of The Publication; As Well As Templates, Style Guides, Photo Selections, Etc.
  • Illustration - Maps
    This Project Contains Custom Illustrated Maps.
  • Layout
    Eggplant Prepared Each Page, Laying Out Text, Images, Ads And Illustrations.
  • Listing Layout
    This Project Features Complex Lists, Handled With Clever Use Of Nested Styles.
  • Nested Paragraph Styles
    This Project Boasts Clever Paragraph Styles To Quickly And Easily Update The Look And Feel Of The Publication With Only A Few Clicks.
  • Photo Correction
    This Project Required Advanced Photo Correction, Or Photo Manipulation.
  • Pre-Press & Production
    This Project Required Some Pre-press And Production Finesse In Order To Prepare The Publication For Accurate Reproduction.

Columbia Valley Map Book

Completed: October 15, 2013

The Columbia Valley Map book is nearly 100 pages of town profiles, and tourist resources for visitors to the Columbia Valley. Chock full of awesome content, the Map Books are a designers dream – from event lists, to maps, to listings there are plenty of amazing layout opportunities.

I was tasked with Art Direction of the 2011, 2012 and 2013 issues of the Map Book, and built upon the great foundations we had set up the years before. In addition Eggplant was responsible for managing the advertising, ad design and layout.

The 2011 issue of the Map Book, I took it upon myself to update the templates, styles and style guide for the Map Book. It was important to use tact, and not radically alter the feel and legacy of the publication. The redesign was definitely successful, and all parties involved feel it was a great improvement.

The 2013 edition was a tonne of work, with a total revision of all the maps plus the inclusion of a new Cranbrook map, and an extensive re-arrangement of content, the booklet had many challenges. The greatest of which was time – the true miracle of this magazine was completing it to the level of quality expected by the readers within the crazy short schedule we were given.

The success of the Map Book is apparent with it’s 100,000 issue distribution, and is considered the premiere advertising vehicle for tourism related businesses in the Valley.

Eggplant Studios has helped produce the Map Book for: 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013.

2013 Map Book

Columbia Valley Map Book - 2013 Map Book

2012 Map Book

Columbia Valley Map Book - 2012 Map Book

2011 Map Book

Columbia Valley Map Book - 2011 Map Book

2010 Map Book

Columbia Valley Map Book - 2010 Map Book