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Swansea Forum Magazines

Completed: December 11, 2013

The Communication’s Forums are an initiative by SummersDirect and Swansea Communications. Their goal is to offer a conference experience that will educate, inspire and enable professional communicators from various industries through an environment of professional networking to benefit both delegates and speakers alike Through SummersDirect’s past experience in creating relevant and engaging conferences and Swansea […]

  • Art Direction
    Eggplant Was Responsible For Creating The Overall Style, Tone And Aesthetic Of The Publication; As Well As Templates, Style Guides, Photo Selections, Etc.
  • Layout
    Eggplant Prepared Each Page, Laying Out Text, Images, Ads And Illustrations.
  • Pre-Press & Production
    This Project Required Some Pre-press And Production Finesse In Order To Prepare The Publication For Accurate Reproduction.