What to do if you’re getting a lot of spam emails

Short of leaving the internet entirely, dealing with spam is something that we’re all going to have to deal with. Your first line of defence Your first line of defence is with your incoming mail server. The mail server receives all emails routed to your address, and often takes this opportunity to scan for viruses, […]

WordPress plugin development: Versions and updates

It is with some humility that I write this post. A recent update to EPS 301 Redirects has shed a lot of light on how to properly code your update functions, and handle version control. Because this update had some very significant updates (it’s almost a complete rewrite) it was important that the plugin update seamlessly, however… It didn’t. And here’s what I learned.

Adding a class to WordPress sub menus

Sometimes it’s a nice visual cue to differentiate Wordpress menu items with children from those without. This function below will add the class has-sub-menu to every Wordpress menu item with a submenu, and allow you to style it as you see fit!

10 crucial wordpress plugin development tips

If you’re a WordPress developer and your looking to get into plugin development – or maybe you just want to play around with some ideas – there are some important considerations when you’re releasing your plugin for public launch. I have recently released my first plugin, EPS 301 Redirects, a plugin that allows you to […]

WordPress Scheduled Tasks

Wordpress has a powerful and surprisingly simple way to schedule tasks. You can use these scheduled tasks to perform maintenance on your site, member management, event management, or any timely functionality you may need.

Templates: Flip-top soap boxes

For a recent project of mine I’ve created some dies for soap box packaging. In this post, I’m offering two illustrator templates for you to download. Do with them as you like, feel free to edit them as you need for your projects.

WordPress: Ajax the WordPress way

AJAX is a relatively new paradigm in the web design industry, and it most definitely is new to me. It allows you to dynamically update areas of your website with content without refreshing the page, by working directly with the server. Many developers might not know that WordPress can handle your custom AJAX calls. By […]

Jquery: Delayed on-hover tooltips plugin

Please see this jsFiddle for a working demo (Click the result tab) And voila! You should be off to the races! Just add the show-tool-tip class to any element you want to display a tooltip with, and give it a title attribute with the text you want to say! Your element will now gracefully wait […]

WordPress: Order custom post type by custom fields in the admin area

If you’re using custom post types in WordPress, it’s highly likely that these posts will need to be organized in the admin area by a method other than the date they were posted. In our example, we’ll be working with Movies, and the custom post type movie, sadly, the default layout is sorely lacking: The […]

Fixing a blank white space at the bottom of your website

A site I was developing recently had a curious blank white space at the bottom of the page, right below the footer. I took to commenting out nearly the entire site, slowly checking which bit of faulty css was causing this mess – and ultimately, it wasn’t even the CSS that was causing the problem. […]

5 reasons why web design made me a better print designer

Now I started off in print, I went to school for print design, and worked the majority of my career in print. I felt I was a pretty darn good print designer, but now after looking back at where I was two years ago and where I am now – I think I’ve made leaps! […]

Indesign: Using and styling tables for matrices

Often in design projects we’re asked to create matrices, or data tables, to compare entries in an easily readable format. There are quite a few ways to successfully achieve this, but I’d like to share with you the table method, and hopefully convert those of you who custom-build your matrices with complex arrangements of graphic […]

Website Planning Guide – Part 1

After much research and planning, and some very helpful feedback from my peers, I’ve put together a quick package for any business looking to get online. This is Part 1 of a 2 part a primer, of sorts, to get you off on the right foot. There is also a quick questionnaire which would help […]

Website Planning Guide – Part 2

Part 2 of the Website Planning Guide features the short survey I typically send out to my new web clients. It’s a crucial first step in the planning process, and as a designer, the information collected by this survey help me tailor your site to reflect the personality, tone, and mission of the business so […]

Social Media Marketing for Small Town Businesses

Good marketing is important, and most small businesses just plain don’t market themselves online – ignoring a huge un-tapped wilderness of opportunity. But let’s not be like them, because marketing your small business online isn’t as difficult as you might think – it’s no longer a fringe buzzword, it’s become part of the very fabric […]