Monthly Archives: January 2018

My website’s contact form is getting spam submissions

I’m going to preface this by saying that having forms on your website is a great idea. Just know that by doing so you will get some spam emails come in, just as you do legitimate ones. Types of spam The most common types of spam you’ll get from your form are ones promoting their […]

I’m receiving a lot of spam

You too huh? I would wager that just about anyone with an email account is getting some volume of spam. I think the question we need to ask ourselves is how much spam can we live with? There are some methods to reduce how much spam you receive, let’s go over some! Email lists can […]

Fighting Spam in your inbox, server or website

Everyone favourite – spam! For many it’s a minor inconvenience, something to do first thing in the morning over a hot cup of coffee: clearing out your inbox. But, spam has a more malicious side as well. Many spam emails can be potentially dangerous, and leveraged to trick people into giving away personal information (known […]

Add Timestamps to WordPress Enqueued Assets

A common issue I’ve come across developing and designing WordPress Websites is that when an update is made to a CSS or JavaScript file, there is often a cached version of the file stuck in your browser cache – and more commonly the client’s browser cache. This can cause some confusion, as oftentimes the client […]