Monthly Archives: May 2012

WordPress: Order custom post type by custom fields in the admin area

If you’re using custom post types in WordPress, it’s highly likely that these posts will need to be organized in the admin area by a method other than the date they were posted. In our example, we’ll be working with Movies, and the custom post type movie, sadly, the default layout is sorely lacking: The […]

Fixing a blank white space at the bottom of your website

A site I was developing recently had a curious blank white space at the bottom of the page, right below the footer. I took to commenting out nearly the entire site, slowly checking which bit of faulty css was causing this mess – and ultimately, it wasn’t even the CSS that was causing the problem. […]

5 reasons why web design made me a better print designer

Now I started off in print, I went to school for print design, and worked the majority of my career in print. I felt I was a pretty darn good print designer, but now after looking back at where I was two years ago and where I am now – I think I’ve made leaps! […]